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We have for many years worked closely with a local Self Storage 

company to provide clean, dry and secure storage in their new facility.


You are the ONLY person with a key to your unit
No long-term commitment
No charge when you visit your unit.
24hr security for your possesions.
Modern, Clean and Dry enviroment.
What can you store?
We give you a convenient way to free up valuable living space or indeed break the housing chain.
You can empty your loft contents into your own storage unit and convert that space into living area.
You may have a student son or daughter back for the holidays and would like to store their belongings.
Store your garage contents or garden furniture in the winter, sports equipment, recreational and seasonal items... the reasons are endless.
You can store anything from Books to beds, sinks to sewing machines, heirlooms to surf boards, you can store what you like as long as it's not flammable, hazardous, perishable or illegal.